Venetian Snares – Boiled Angel

This is for the wonk enthusiasts. Coming at you with intense breaks and wubs and with interesting vocal samples layered in between, this track demands you to participate as an active listener. The wonk will grab a hold of you and suck you in, and you’ll feel like you’re in a 4 minute spin cycle in a dryer with spare change.

Blanck Mass – Silent Treatment

Here we have another wall of sound. Starting out with a nice ambient, churchie vibe, this track then greets us with a nice vapory sounding techno-ish sound. The vocal chops add some nice flavor, and the change ups keep things even more interesting. Solid track if you like the wonk.

Holden – Renata

I love it when layers of noise give us a great song, and this song is a perfect example. The higher end sounds are perplexing yet welcoming, and the constant and incessant kick joins everything in a way you wouldn’t expect. It truly is order from chaos, and it comes together very well.