Dario Zenker – Koraimer Bro

This is a techno track that a really bright and fresh sound, almost like biting into a crisp apple and feeling the juice drip down your lip. Couple that with a kick that keeps you actively listening to the patterns and you got a track that’ll wake you up and have you feeling something.

Daniel Avery – Reception (Perc Remix)

I’m a total whore for 303s. I admit that proudly and will continue to whore myself out until I die. That being said he’s a great remix from one of the big names in techno. For the first two minutes the track sounds like a fire alarm going off layered with a loud AC unit. After that the 303s come in with a vengeance, and the track really gets going. I fucking love how wobbly and wonky it is while also having a strong, driving, pulsating energy.