DJ ÆDIDIAS – endofthestory

This track right here is straight feels. It reminds me of a past relationship I had and all the good times we had together, only for me to fuck it all up. Again, its the bittersweet aspect that gets me. I’m left with tears in my eyes while simultaneously feeling the urge to move, which leaves me confused in a good way. Let the music show you, you’ll probably make a connection to a similar point in your life and understand.

DJ Windows XP – Maybe It Was Me

Do you like music that makes you look back on all those bittersweet moments in life while you’re at the club? Well have I got the track for you! Here we have one of DJ Windows XP many phenomenal tracks that will leave you bobbing your head while you hold back some few tears in your eyes. This is an amazing lo-fi house track, a style that I fuck with and am hoping will become the main sound that house producers and DJs use within the next few years. Enjoy boys and girls and whatever the fuck else is viewed as inclusive today, this is a treat.