Tim Hecker – Stab Variation

Starting out soft and then enveloping you in a wall of sound, Tim Hecker brings us into a world where sound pierces and wraps you in a soft blanket that both calms and awakens the listener. The majority of the track has me on edge and relaxed, having made otherwise harsh noise into a treat for the ear. If you’re into ambient tracks this is a good one.

intense – the genesis project

Ethereal and celestial sounds great us in the beginning of this track, with nice DnB/jungle drums coming in to give this track some substance. The vibes are consistent for the rest of the track, and when the overlay was dropped for a quick period of time I found myself lost in the break. Sometimes the best songs are the most unassuming.

Boards of Canada – The Beach At Redpoint

This is a nice ambient-ish track here. It comes in with this nice string sound that slowly gives way to smooth and groovy drums, layered with choppy and dancy vocal samples that seamlessly fit the track. I’m not one who’s necessarily good at describing sound, but if chill downtempo vibes that have some umph are your thing, then this track is for you.